Hard Rock Cafe

 Pooch has a tradition of going to the Hard Rock Cafe where we are and having a B-52 shot and getting the collector shot glass (Star sometimes gets a guitar pin) His list of shot glasses is   Baltimore Chicago Dublin (Sept 2023) Dubrovnik (Sept 2023) (no glass yet but did visit) Key West Las Vegas London Malta Miami Nassau, Bahamas New Orleans Niagara Falls, Canada Niagara Falls, NY Orlando Rome San Diego San Francisco Washington DC

YouTube Playlist 001-010

 The first ten episodes of Quarantiki have now been edited and uploaded to YouTube.  This should make them easier to watch, please watch, like, subscribe and all those youtube things.  I (Star) have been learning CyberLink's PowerDirect to edit and clean up the videos Playlist 001-010


Our Halloween costumes A Jet Pilot and a Zombie (The purple straw means we are Tiki Drinks)  

Fan Art!

Our fan and artist known as  Tensegrity  was doodling  during the last episode and created an amazing bit of art that she has put up on her RedBubble account if anyone wants stickers or T-Shirts LoveCraft_Cocktails Merch

Quarantiki #1 - The Castaway

 Our  first episode is now edited and on youtube     Quarantiki #1 In this episode we make a Castaway  Castaway       Jeff “Beachbum” Berry 1994  1.5 oz aged Puerto Rico rum  Ron del Barrilito 3 Stars 0.75 oz KahlĂșa coffee liqueur 3 oz pineapple juice Add crushed Ice and shake This is Star's first attempt at video editing, adding subtitles, fixing sound, adding end panel with info.  I used  CyberLink PowerDirector 20 to do the editing of the original 4/4/2020 facebook live


 WWW.LOVECRAFTCOCKTAILS.COM is now ours and connected to our blog! We have had the domain for a while but never got it setup properly or connected to anything and now our super tech Star has gotten it all done.  Pooch will be posting content on her eventually but we are also at : We do a weekly Quarantiki broadcast Sunday nights at 7:30 EST on F acebook Our Proto Page is where links currently are Instagram is where drink photos usually end up